How China’s Social Credit System Works

In mid-November, China’s top government agencies published a draft law to establish the country’s social credit system, envisioned as a giant, fully integrated mechanism to assess every legal entity in the country.

Beijing’s vision revolves around “creditworthiness,” a concept extended from the financial sector to measure reliability. A centralized database could, in theory, give relevant parties access to a rolling review of an individual or company’s trustworthiness in the form of a social credit score.

The rules would extend to the civil service and judiciary, too, with a view to increasing fairness and reducing corruption across departments. To encourage more self-discipline in the public and self-regulation in business, a system of reward and punishment could help the government fill a trust deficit in society. Source: NewsWeek (Read More)…

NASA Warns China Planning to Build a Lunar Base With Russia to ‘Occupy The Moon’

China is teaming up with Russia to compete against the United States in space, top NASA officials are warning, including plans to build a lunar base on the moon, attempting to claim Earth’s satellite for its own.

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported on the comments from NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on Wednesday, saying that there were “real fireworks this week coming from Beijing” in response to his warning about a new space race and China’s intentions to “occupy the moon.”

“We must be very concerned about China is landing on the moon and saying: It’s ours now and you stay out,” Nelson said this weekend in an interview with German newsmagazine Bild. China was doing well because “they steal ideas and technology from others,” said Nelson, accusing China of using their space station to study how to destroy other nations’ satellites. Source: Mediaite