Whistleblower Who Disclosed Myocarditis Spike in Military After COVID Vaccine Rollout Goes Public

(Worthy Insights) – A service member who earlier this year blew the whistle and disclosed data from a Pentagon medical database showing a spike in the rate of myocarditis in the military in 2021, after the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, is going public.

The whistleblower is active-duty Navy Medical Service Corps officer Lt. Ted Macie. He has also revealed new data showing a substantial rise in accidents, assaults, self-harm, and suicide attempts in the military in 2021, compared to the average from 2016 to 2021.

This includes a 147 percent increase in intentional self-harm incidents among service members and an 828 percent increase in injuries from assaults. [ Source (Read More…) ]

61 Hacks Who Peddled Russian Collusion And Should Never Be Trusted Again

(Worthy Insights) – Since 2016, some big names—both inside the government and out—have peddled the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy with such vigor you’d think they invested their life savings in Reynolds Metal Company. Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has closed the door on such hysteria, let’s take a look back at the Most Mistaken Men and Women in America (and the world). [ Source: Federalist (Read More…) ]

Passover sacrifice reenactment takes place adjacent to the Temple Mount

(Worthy Insights) – The United Temple Movements held a reenactment of the Passover offering on Sunday a few hundred meters from where the original sacrifice was offered when the Temples stood in Jerusalem.

Several hundred people attended the reenactment that was held near the Dung Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Kohanim (Jewish men who have a clear ancestry of being descended from Aaron, the first High Priest) wore the Biblically mandated priestly garments and used utensils that had been specially prepared by the Temple Institute for use in the Third Temple. Rabbi Baruch Kahane acted in the place of the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) for the purposes of the reenactment. The ceremony was accompanied by blasts from silver trumpets specially prepared for use in the Third Temple. Musicians played songs based on the Hallel service, a prayer service composed of verses from Psalms, that was sung in the Temple while the Passover sacrifice was being prepared.

The Kohanim reenacted another aspect of the Passover ritual by forming a line and transferring the gold vessels containing the blood by passing them hand over hand. In the Temple, these lines of Kohanim stretched from the courtyard where the lambs were slaughtered all the way to the altar upon which it was poured. In the actual Passover sacrifice, the lamb would then be taken and roasted to be eaten in the person’s home at the Passover seder. [ Source (Read More…) ]

To understand the significance of this, please watch this video on Worthy.TVRed Heifers, The Coming Temple, and the Great Delusion

Scientists create mice with two fathers after making eggs from male cells

(Worthy Insights) – Scientists have created mice with two biological fathers by generating eggs from male cells, a development that opens up radical new possibilities for reproduction.

The advance could ultimately pave the way for treatments for severe forms of infertility, as well as raising the tantalising prospect of same-sex couples being able to have a biological child together in the future.

“This is the first case of making robust mammal oocytes from male cells,” said Katsuhiko Hayashi, who led the work at Kyushu University in Japan and is internationally renowned as a pioneer in the field of lab-grown eggs and sperm. [ Source: The Guardian (Read More…) ]

‘Male,’ ‘female’ should be replaced with ‘sperm-producing,’ ‘egg-producing’ to be ‘inclusive,’ scientists say

(Worthy Insights) – Researchers from the United States and Canada suggested that scientists should stop using “harmful” terminology and instead adopt more “inclusive and precise” language, including replacing terms such as “male” and “female” with “sperm-producing” and “egg-producing,” the New York Post reported.

A group of scientists with the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Language Project recently published a paper in the Trends in Ecology and Evolution journal recommending more “inclusive terminology in ecology and evolution” to combat the “ongoing marginalization of many groups.”

The group’s website lists 24 so-called “harmful terms” that should be banned from the scientific community, including “man,” “woman,” “mother,” “father,” “primitive,” and “invasive.” [ Source: The Blaze (Read More…) ]

It’s Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID and It Cost Lives

(Worthy Insights) – As a medical student and researcher, I staunchly supported the efforts of the public health authorities when it came to COVID-19. I believed that the authorities responded to the largest public health crisis of our lives with compassion, diligence, and scientific expertise. I was with them when they called for lockdowns, vaccines, and boosters.

I was wrong. We in the scientific community were wrong. And it cost lives.

I can see now that the scientific community from the CDC to the WHO to the FDA and their representatives, repeatedly overstated the evidence and misled the public about its own views and policies, including on natural vs. artificial immunity, school closures and disease transmission, aerosol spread, mask mandates, and vaccine effectiveness and safety, especially among the young. All of these were scientific mistakes at the time, not in hindsight. Amazingly, some of these obfuscations continue to the present day. [ Source: NewsWeek (Read More…) ]

Top Expert Sounds the Alarm, Calls for Immediate Suspension of All mRNA Vaccines

(Worthy Insights) – Retsef Levi, an expert in risk management relating to the health field, is calling for the immediate suspension of all COVID-19 messenger RNA vaccines.

After performing a risk analysis of the vaccines, Levi — a professor in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management — revealed his recommendation and supporting evidence in a video posted to Twitter on Sunday.

As of Monday afternoon, the video had more than 1.1 million views. [ Source: Western Journal (Read More…) ]

Pfizer Responds to Undercover Video, Makes a Huge Admission About What It Does with Viruses

(Worthy Insights) – Last week, Project Veritas released a stunning video of an undercover reporter’s bar conversation with Jordon Trishton Walker, a 27-year-old man who claimed to be the Director of Research and Development at Pfizer. Walker told the reporter the company was exploring ways to “mutate” COVID viruses through “directed evolution” in order to develop future vaccines.

The loose-lipped Walker told the reporter, “Don’t tell anyone this though. Promise you won’t tell anyone.”

“One of the things we’re exploring is, like, why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves, so we could create — preemptively develop new vaccines, right? So, we have to do that. If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of, like, as you could imagine — no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f***ing viruses.” [ Source: Western Journal (Read More…) ]

Twitter Files Exposes Former FBI Agent’s Dirty Trick That Spawned ‘Russian Bot’ Narrative

(Worthy Insights) – So by now almost all of us are familiar with the notorious “Twitter Files.”

But for those who still aren’t, essentially, after Elon Musk took over the company last October, information has been trickling out about the inner workings of Twitter. These information drops have revealed how the former administration of Twitter often acted in conjunction with the federal government against conservatives

On Friday, journalist Matt Taibbi once again released another round of the “Twitter Files,” this time revealing the dirty trick that a former FBI agent used to label certain accounts as “Russian bots.” [ Source: Western Journal (Read More…) ]

NHL Player’s Jersey Completely Sells Out After He Refuses to Abandon Christian Faith

(Worthy Insights) – Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov’s orange No. 9 jersey was completely sold out at NHLShop.com on Thursday after he decided against participating in the team’s LGBT “Pride Night” event because of his Christian faith.

On Tuesday, Provorov shocked the ultra-woke NHL when he decided to skip the Flyers’ warm-up period because he did not want to wear the team’s LGBT “pride” jersey or use the rainbow hockey stick that players were given to virtue signal to the gay lobby.

He said his Russian Orthodox faith prevents him from supporting the LGBT agenda and that is why he chose not to participate. [ Source: Western Journal (Read More…) ]