One In Five Democrats Believe Men Can Get Pregnant: POLL

Nearly a quarter of Democrats believe men are capable of getting pregnant, according to a recent poll.

Democrats were far more likely than the general population to believe that “some men can get pregnant,” with 22% of Democrats saying they believed the prompt, including 36% of white, college-educated female Democrats, according to the poll conducted by WPA Intelligence and reported by the Daily Wire. This apparent shift away from a conventional view of gender comes after rigorous efforts from activists and media outlets to use gender-neutral language when discussing pregnancy in the name of transgender inclusion.

“Overall, few Americans think men can get pregnant,” WPA Intelligence managing director Conor Maguire said, according to DW. “But with 36% of a core Democratic constituency (college-educated white Democratic women) and one out of five Democrat voters believing this, one can see why Democratic leaders coddle the radical gender theory movement.” Source: Daily Caller

CA School District Orders Book on 10 Sexual Orientations and 8 Genders

Less than a month ago, Fox reported that a California school district was teaching kids about their lady and man bits with a “Genderbread Man.” If by some chance you thought things wouldn’t get worse in CA, you were wrong.

According to Fox News, California’s Newport-Mesa school district has ordered textbooks for students that claim that there are over ten sexual orientations and eight gender identities.  The book is called “Comprehensive Health Skills for High School” and is geared towards 14-18 year-olds.

The book listed the following for types of gender identities: agender, androgynous, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender nonconforming, gender questioning, nonbinary and transgender. Source: NewsBusters

World Economic Forum Pushing For Digital ID Systems Around The World

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is pushing for “digital ecosystems” around the world, starting with Digital ID. The organization stated it would be the first step to building “digital trust.”

“Building digital trust into our global digital economy can unleash trillions of dollars of opportunities,” stated the WEF. “But if we don’t know for certain who we are interacting with online, we cannot have trust. Digital identity must therefore be the foundational element to our digital economy, and here is why.”

In its blog, the WEF stated the “next step in making services more convenient to access is a federal Digital Identity Program, integrated with pre-existing provincial platforms.”

Sex between men driving monkeypox spread, not skin contact, studies show

Recent scientific evidence suggests that sexual interactions between men are driving the spread of monkeypox rather than skin contact, as previously thought.

The Biden administration declared a public health emergency over the disease in early August. On Tuesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told Just the News that the government had acquired 1 million monkeypox vaccinations and was preparing to procure millions more.

Pointing to a string of recent studies, health experts have begun to question that skin on skin contact was the primary transmission method, instead pointing to same-sex oral and anal intercourse, NBC reported. Initial outbreaks spread primarily through gay communities, with gay men comprising the overwhelming majority of confirmed cases. Source: Just the News

80-Year-Old Lady Protests Trans Person in YMCA Women’s Shower, Gets Banned from Pool and Heckled by Activists

An elderly Washington state woman who was permanently banned from her local YMCA pool after telling a transgender employee to leave the women’s locker room was harassed by transgender activists at a rally Monday night.

A post by Reduxx Magazine reveals trans activists were screaming “trans rights are human rights” at Julie Jaman of Port Townsend in a video of the incident. The video was tweeted by the Reduxx account.

Amy Sousa of RevFoxxUSA, the organizer of the event, told Fox News “that if it weren’t for the wall behind the backs of Jaman’s supporters, ‘Some real violence would have happened’.” Source: CBN News

87,000 New IRS Agents Will Join Union That Gives 100% Of PAC Funds To Democrats

Democrats just doubled the size of a major Democratic war chest.

Yes, remember those 87,000 new IRS agents that will be added to the federal payroll thanks to the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act (a misnomer if there ever was one)? The vast majority of those agents will likely join and pay dues to the IRS’ public sector union, the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU).

Per Americans for Tax Reform, the union gave 100% of its Political Action Committee (PAC) funding to Democrats for the 2022 cycle, including $30,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, $30,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and $30,000 to the DNC Services Corporation, a group dedicated to “coordinating party organizational activities.”

It also gave 98.79% of its federal candidate spending for the 2021-2022 cycle to Democrats, most notably House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The NTEU specifically prioritized donating to key Democratic battleground races, such as donating $5,000 to Raphael Warnock’s Georgia Senate race and $10,000 to Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.). Source: The Federalist

Israeli scientists make model synthetic mouse embryo with stem cells

Circumventing the injection of an egg with sperm, Weizmann Institute of Science geneticists have accomplished a breakthrough – creating synthetic mouse embryos with beating hearts and brains outside the uterus using stem cells taken from skin and cultured in a dish.

“The embryo is the best organ-making machine and the best 3D bioprinter; we tried to emulate what it does,” noted research team head Prof. Jacob Hanna of the Molecular Genetics Department in the Rehovot institute.

Scientists already know how to restore mature cells to “stem-ness” – pioneers of this cellular reprogramming won a Nobel Prize in 2012. But going in the opposite direction – that is, causing stem cells to differentiate into specialized body cells, not to mention form entire organs – has proved much more problematic. Source: Jerusalem Post

Suicide Rates Among US Army Soldiers Highest in More Than 80 Years

The U.S. Army lost 176 active duty soldiers to suicide in 2021, figures show.

According to combined data from the Defense Suicide Prevention Office and a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, that’s the highest number of active duty Army member suicides on record since 1938.

Suicide rates within all military branches have continued to rise since 2015. Source: Epoch Times

New DNA ‘Camcorders’ Can Record ‘Movies’ of a Cell’s Development Through Time

Scientists have long sought to embed DNA “camcorders” into cells to capture their history. Like kids, cells grow, diversify, and mature as they interact with the environment. These changes are embedded in a cell’s gene activity, and by reconstructing them over time, scientists can infer a cell’s current state—for example, is it turning cancerous?

The technology “would deepen knowledge about developmental and cancer biology that could be translated into therapeutic strategies,” said Dr. Nozomu Yachie and colleagues at the University of British Columbia.

Now, a team led by Dr. Seth Shipman at the UCSF Gladstone Institute engineered a biological recorder—dubbed Retro-Cascorder—that, like an old school camcorder, can capture a cell’s gene expression history on a DNA “tape,” for days at a time. Thanks to CRISPR, these “tapes” are then integrated into the cell’s genome, which can be read at a later date. Source: SingularityHub