‘I literally lost organs:’ Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders

In recent years, the number of children experiencing gender dysphoria in the West has skyrocketed. Exact figures are difficult to come by, but, between 2009 and 2019, children being referred for transitioning treatment in the United Kingdom increased 1,000% among biological males and 4,400% among biological females. Meanwhile, the number of young people identifying as transgender in the US has almost doubled since 2017, according to a new Centers for Disease Control & Prevention report.

According to an online survey of detransitioners conducted by Dr. Lisa Littman last year, 40% said their gender dysphoria was caused by a mental-health condition and 62% felt medical professionals did not investigate whether trauma was a factor in their transition decisions.  Source: NY Post

2 thoughts on “‘I literally lost organs:’ Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders”

  1. I had trouble understanding this business of teens “transitioning” to different genders than what they were biologically born. Until, we ended up living for 4 months in the guest house of a couple I had only known as same sex married, until then. Turns out, both of the same sex couple were born females, both had “transitioned” with surgeries to males, then married each other. The reasons for them “finding each other” were the horrors they went through during their transitions, physically, from female to males (in CA). Then, while staying in their guest house, I met my first “non-binary” person. She looked female to me, and even had a burly older boyfriend. I was instructed by those who loved “her” to use the proper pronouns. In the end, 4 months later, I must say, I really liked “them” as a friend, because I ended up in the hospital for a couple days and “they” took care of my (adult) daughter well. I also, likewise, learned what and how Oregon pays for all the atrocities PP or it’s DSHS or any other predatory counselor wants to be, at their expense. There were children when it began on them. They were children.


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