90% of US adults say the United States is experiencing a mental health crisis, CNN/KFF poll finds

An overwhelming majority of people in the United States think the country is experiencing a mental health crisis, according to a new survey from CNN in partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Nine out of 10 adults said ​they believed that there’s a mental health crisis in the US today. Asked to rate the severity of six specific mental health concerns, Americans put the opioid epidemic near the top, with more than two-thirds of people identifying it as a crisis rather than merely a problem. More than half identified mental health issues among children and teenagers as a crisis, as well as severe mental illness in adults.

The survey captured the perceptions of a nationally representative sample of about 2,000 adults over the summer – 2½ years into the Covid-19 pandemic and amid ongoing public health threats including racism and gun violence. Source: CNN

2 thoughts on “90% of US adults say the United States is experiencing a mental health crisis, CNN/KFF poll finds”

  1. Read a DSM, that’s the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Psychology. Read one. Preferrably the DSM V, that is the DSM version 5. Read how there are no positives in Psychology. There is no such diagnosis of “this person wouldn’t hurt a fly” or “will always take good care of his/her/their mother.” The best diagnosis a Psychologist, or MH, or BH provider can give you, if they see you professionally is “no diagnosis” for which they do not get paid. And that is what it’s all about. I mean, besides “destroying all the world’s major monotheistic religions.” Freud and Carl Jung even went to the trouble of explaining what those major monotheistic religions are to them. They are, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Boy howdee, did Psychology tear through both Judaism and Christianity, first in the USA, now the UK, and around the world. A Psychologist gets to do what a sexual prostitute doesn’t. Get hired to love, and after the fact, slander and libel you, behind your back. All the while pretending they only have one’s best interests at heart. Sadly, too often those who could benefit most from psychotropic medications, or just some B 12 injections, have to deal with the “Unconditional Love” crowd that do not have a single positive diagnosis in their entire, annually growing DSM.

  2. One could very well argue that some of the mental illness problems result from a society alienated from God. To proffer just one example, images transmitted to our minds through the eyes exert a powerful influence on our thoughts and actions and mental well-being. For example, if we were regularly to feed our mind on immoral entertainment and violent video games, which is really “practicing what is hurtful” (Ps 28:3) can erode, not just our relationship with God, buy our mental health.


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