World Economic Forum Pushing For Digital ID Systems Around The World

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is pushing for “digital ecosystems” around the world, starting with Digital ID. The organization stated it would be the first step to building “digital trust.”

“Building digital trust into our global digital economy can unleash trillions of dollars of opportunities,” stated the WEF. “But if we don’t know for certain who we are interacting with online, we cannot have trust. Digital identity must therefore be the foundational element to our digital economy, and here is why.”

In its blog, the WEF stated the “next step in making services more convenient to access is a federal Digital Identity Program, integrated with pre-existing provincial platforms.”

6 thoughts on “World Economic Forum Pushing For Digital ID Systems Around The World”

  1. WEF people seem to think they are above the fray. Completely miss-planning as I have read they courageous dictums this past week. How much humanity do we need on this planet to support life; and not just human life. We don’t need heart transplants. We need the wisdom of Hashem. We just have to stop trying to go around The One

    • They don’t seem to think they are above the fray, they do think they are above the fray. And for good reason. They have luxury prepper accomodations ready to run and hide out at. They have homes in 7 cities on 7 continents, already. They work very hard to make the best of this life, because they dont’ believe in The One or any God. They believe they are the top of the food chain and that there are lesser kinds of human beings living on this planet right now, you and me. Their god is their money, and they want to loose digital monitary transactions to make more of it. They believe we are fools for not doing the same when we have the chances to.

  2. WEF knows as well as we do that Christians all over planet Earth will reject that plan. A rejection that may very well cost untold lives. Maybe not all Christians, or even most, but huge amounts and the same is true for Messianics too. Besides this, there are the many elderly, again all over the planet, who never have learned how the Internet works. Elderly who were raised with true privacy and never will get used to it being stolen from them. On top of that, a great many seniors in first world countries do not feel comfortable with simple online banking, which is their right, even according to UN Rights. They instead prefer to continue writing checks and deposting by mail, or in person, the old way. The WEF believes all of the above are expendable people. It’s a kind of arrogance. A bit like so many of their kind dismissing we who follow Y’shua (Jesus) as barbarians, when it is they who believe in sacrificing preborn infants as some kind of “human right” who are the true barbarians. That and considering such vast swaths of humanity to be expendable, also. These same people pretend to worry about future world over population, as if floods, monsoons, earthquakes, famines, and both epidemics and pandemics, doesn’t reduce that risk without anyone needing to cause human suffering and death, on purpose.

  3. As America continues it’s loss of a Biblical worldview and it’s understanding of who God is , it is continuing to experience what the Scriptures speak of as his wrath as depicted in Romans 1: 18-32. That being turning them over to their own depraved thoughts and actions. Let’s them go to self destruct. When someone continues to desire to remove God from their thoughts and try to create idols of their own choosing they set themselves up for their own peril and self destruction. This is what’s happening to America and the rest of the world. Their only hope is to hear and understand then believe and trust 1Corinthians 15: 1-4. How Jesus Christ died for their sins, was buried , and rose again the third day. Then will they see things change. It’s a inward change of regeneration by the Holy Spirit , making them a new creature in Christ. Thank you.


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