Why Elon Musk’s ‘X App’ could be an even bigger headache for D.C. than Twitter

(Worthy Insights) – Even before Elon Musk’s dramatic and controversial takeover of Twitter, the restless mogul was pitching the social-media company as his key to realizing a much bigger dream.

Musk calls his next idea the “X App.” And if Musk-owned Twitter has already been a challenge for Washington’s politicians and regulators, the disruption caused by the X App could easily dwarf it.

The idea is a Western version of WeChat, the Chinese super-app that more than a billion people use for messaging, payments, shopping, rideshares, gaming, news and other daily activities. Musk is clearly serious about the plan: He tweeted about it this fall and pitched it to Twitter employees before he even bought the company, and reiterated the idea during a Twitter Spaces session in early December, saying “WeChat has a lot of functionality that Twitter should have.” [ Source: Politico (Read More…) ]

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  1. Musk is a snake in the grass. Who make him rich? Who decides if he gets to keep it? The answer to both are…. the US and Chinese governments. He’s is on a leash and it well get tighten in time. He’s a plant. Alway follow the, I mean, his money.


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