Environmentalist Says We Should Fight ‘Vegan Wars’

(Worthy Insights) – “War is always bad specifically for the planet if we want to continue fighting battles like environmentally conscious humans, we must make the change to sustainable tanks … biodegradable missiles … vegan grenades …”, stated Greta Thunberg. Following its widespread circulation on the internet and garnering tens of thousands of views, it was revealed to be a deep fake. With AI technology advancing at such a rapid pace, you cannot believe everything you see these days!

A.I. legal assistant will help defendant fight a speeding case in court

(Worthy Insights) – An artificial intelligence is set to advise a defendant in court for the first time ever. The AI will run on a smartphone and listen to all speech in the courtroom in February before instructing the defendant on what to say via an earpiece.

The location of the court and the name of the defendant are being kept under wraps by DoNotPay, the company that created the AI. But it is understood … [ Source: New Scientist (Read More…) ]

Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain computer startup is beat again. This time a competitor implanted its device into its first U.S. patient

Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain computing startup has yet to receive approval from the Federal Drug Administration to implant its technology in humans. However, Neuralink’s competitor, Synchron, has implanted its first device into the brain of a U.S. patient — in this case one with ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that’s affected the patient’s ability to move and speak, as reported by Bloomberg.

The hope is that the patient will be able to browse the web and communicate through email and text just by thinking. The device would translate the patient’s thoughts into action through commands sent to a computer.

Synchron had already implanted its devices in four patients in Australia. These patients are reported by Bloomberg to have no side effects, and the device has allowed them to send messages through WhatsApp and make online purchases.   Source: Fortune

Google places an engineer on leave after claiming its AI is sentient

Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer working in its Responsible AI division, revealed to The Washington Post that he believes one of the company’s AI projects has achieved sentience. And after reading his conversations with LaMDA (short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications), it’s easy to see why. The chatbot system, which relies on Google’s language models and trillions of words from the internet, seems to have the ability to think about its own existence and its place in the world.

After discussing his work and Google’s unethical activities around AI with a representative of the House Judiciary Committee, he was placed on paid administrative leave over breaching Google’s confidentiality agreement.  Source:  EnGadget (Yahoo News)