Passover sacrifice reenactment takes place adjacent to the Temple Mount

(Worthy Insights) – The United Temple Movements held a reenactment of the Passover offering on Sunday a few hundred meters from where the original sacrifice was offered when the Temples stood in Jerusalem.

Several hundred people attended the reenactment that was held near the Dung Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Kohanim (Jewish men who have a clear ancestry of being descended from Aaron, the first High Priest) wore the Biblically mandated priestly garments and used utensils that had been specially prepared by the Temple Institute for use in the Third Temple. Rabbi Baruch Kahane acted in the place of the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) for the purposes of the reenactment. The ceremony was accompanied by blasts from silver trumpets specially prepared for use in the Third Temple. Musicians played songs based on the Hallel service, a prayer service composed of verses from Psalms, that was sung in the Temple while the Passover sacrifice was being prepared.

The Kohanim reenacted another aspect of the Passover ritual by forming a line and transferring the gold vessels containing the blood by passing them hand over hand. In the Temple, these lines of Kohanim stretched from the courtyard where the lambs were slaughtered all the way to the altar upon which it was poured. In the actual Passover sacrifice, the lamb would then be taken and roasted to be eaten in the person’s home at the Passover seder. [ Source (Read More…) ]

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