Op-Ed: Time to help the Iranian people overthrow the regime’

The Iranian people don’t want the United States to overthrow their regime. They want the United States and the world to stand with them as they overthrow the regime, said Caroline Glick in this week’s episode of “Mideast News Hour.”

The people of Iran have been in a near continuous revolt against the regime since 2017. Yet, the United States—and particularly the Democratic Party—has ignored them. For the past three weeks, people from all walks of life in Iran have once again taken to the streets to call for the overthrow of the regime. This week, Glick spoke with Cameron Khansarinia, director of the National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) in Washington, D.C., to discuss the latest round of national protests and the regime’s response.   Source: Caroline Glick / JNS News

1 thought on “Op-Ed: Time to help the Iranian people overthrow the regime’”

  1. Though I understand the reasoning and have advocated for this many times in the past, I must humbly disagree. Nation building seemed like a good idea, as a sort of “freedom evangelism” to better the world. But it has caused more trouble than it’s solved because of sinful people in positions of power. “Spreading Freedom” is a marketing slogan, not the true intent of our “leaders”. Besides, that game though poorly played by Carter, got us the Iran we have today. How did Ukraine work out? Afghanistan? Lybia? On and on for decades. How many despots are in power with the help of the US. God places all kings, not people. So what do we expect to achieve that HE cannot? I would argue that there might be some out there saying the Americans need help overthrowing OUR tyrants who threaten Freedom! We need to stop nation building, at the very least, while ours is crumbling. If we are not the light shining on the hill, how can we spread light elsewhere? Iran thinks they have Israel’s fate in their hands, but I know different. It’s God’s fight, not ours. The berst help we can offer Iran or any other peoples is to continue to spread the Gospel to them any way we can.


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