‘Male,’ ‘female’ should be replaced with ‘sperm-producing,’ ‘egg-producing’ to be ‘inclusive,’ scientists say

(Worthy Insights) – Researchers from the United States and Canada suggested that scientists should stop using “harmful” terminology and instead adopt more “inclusive and precise” language, including replacing terms such as “male” and “female” with “sperm-producing” and “egg-producing,” the New York Post reported.

A group of scientists with the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Language Project recently published a paper in the Trends in Ecology and Evolution journal recommending more “inclusive terminology in ecology and evolution” to combat the “ongoing marginalization of many groups.”

The group’s website lists 24 so-called “harmful terms” that should be banned from the scientific community, including “man,” “woman,” “mother,” “father,” “primitive,” and “invasive.” [ Source: The Blaze (Read More…) ]

5 thoughts on “‘Male,’ ‘female’ should be replaced with ‘sperm-producing,’ ‘egg-producing’ to be ‘inclusive,’ scientists say”

  1. I think this bunch thoroughly defines a genuine “educated” nutcase….(a product of our proud educational system funded by us). I never ever thought I would have to underline a verse so basic to mankind as Gen 1:23 or figure it would ever come under attack in such a blatant way. I think this self proclaimed bunch of moronic “scientists” works out of an asylum somewhere on a different planet.
    ….”She shall be called WOMAN because she was taken out of man.” DUHH.
    v20…”but for Adam there was not found a helper suitable for him” … we gotta throw out that verse too cuz it will hurt the “empowerment” of the “egg producers” & it’s demeaning to call the “egg producers” merely a helper to the “sperm producers” v24 God calls woman Adam’s “wife” … we can’t have that either cuz these days it eliminates His authoritative word on sperm producers being another sperm producer’s wife…etc ad nauseum & equally applies with the pairing up of egg producers. This isn’t “inclusive” it’s NUTS & if you embrace it you publicly show you are also one of them….NUTS. Since God Almighty created man & woman & the institution of marriage, I think it would be wise to stay with His naming & definition thereof. I could go on about this subject but it’s time to do something more meaningful than discuss the ABC’s of life with “educated” morons who have a sheepskin on their wall but don’t even know about the birds & the bees.

  2. Here’s a Bible verse for ya. “Discretion is the better part of valor.” Promoting and advancing the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ (Y’shua haMashiach) is not a suicide mission. While too many Christians in the USA have been hiding their heads in the sand, the body of Messiah’s bride has steadfastly moved out of the churches and more and more into true fellowshipping. Asbury and the others that just broke out in Universities and colleges (not churches) shows it better than I could ever explain it. We are not called to just throw our lives away while advancing the kingdom. To died for Christ (yes, even in the USA) is a real honor. Yet, it is God who decides whom to lift up into that honor. We can’t convince Him of some dubious great faith of our own by casting pearls before swine. In fact, we are told not to do such things.


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