Justin Bieber Told Fans He’s Dealing with Partial Facial Paralysis

Justin Bieber told fans in a video that he’s been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which is causing him partial facial paralysis.   This is just a few months after his wife, Hailey Beiber was hospitalized in March with a small blood clot in her brain which gave her stroke-like symptoms.   He concluded his video by saying, “It’s gonna be okay and I have hope. I trust God and I trust that it’s all for a reason.”

Outraged Viewers Bombard Fox News For Segment Promoting Child Gender Experiments

Fox News viewers, prominent Christians, and conservative pundits publicly bombarded the network Friday, after it aired a glowing news segment promoting a 14-year-old girl named Ryland, whose parents began pushing her to dress like a boy when she was an infant.

“We highlight the story of Ryland Whittington, whose journey of transitioning at age five has been seen by 7 million people in a family YouTube video,” “America’s Newsroom” host Dana Perino began, introducing the segment. “[Correspondent] Bryan Llenas has a story about that family that hopes their experience can help others.”

The programming block was shown as part of the network’s advertised Pride Month series. Source: The Federalist

Op-Ed: Damascus airport strike reflects a shift in Israeli policy

The central goal of the Israeli Air Force’s alleged strike on Thursday night was not Iran, but Syria. By striking the runways at Damascus International Airport and suspending flights for hours, Israel may have sought to pressure Syrian President Basher Assad into adopting a more active and assertive position against Iran’s use of its territory and infrastructure to continue to smuggle arms to Hezbollah and various other powerful elements inside Syria.

In the seven years since it began, the IDF’s “campaign between the wars” has recorded quite a few achievements. The intelligence infiltration that allowed for thousands of attacks did serious harm to Iran’s plan to establish permanent bases and armed militias inside Syria, and significantly disrupted its weapons convoys to Hezbollah. On the other hand, it failed to dissuade the Iranians from continuing their efforts.

The aim now, therefore, is to exert further pressure via the Syrian government. To lead Assad to draw the conclusion that the direct price he will pay for Iran’s continued activity in his country will be higher than the price of confronting them. Source: JNS

Google places an engineer on leave after claiming its AI is sentient

Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer working in its Responsible AI division, revealed to The Washington Post that he believes one of the company’s AI projects has achieved sentience. And after reading his conversations with LaMDA (short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications), it’s easy to see why. The chatbot system, which relies on Google’s language models and trillions of words from the internet, seems to have the ability to think about its own existence and its place in the world.

After discussing his work and Google’s unethical activities around AI with a representative of the House Judiciary Committee, he was placed on paid administrative leave over breaching Google’s confidentiality agreement.  Source:  EnGadget (Yahoo News)

Plastic Eating Worms Show Promise for Plant-Scale Recycling

Researchers at the University of Queensland have found that a common species of worm with a taste for polystyrene may significantly contribute to plastic recycling.

The team, led by Dr Chris Rinke from UQ’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, found that the Zophobas morio—known as ‘superworm’—enjoys munching on polystyrene and can metabolise it due to a particular bacterial enzyme in its gut.

Superworms are the larvae of the Zophobas morio beetle, native to Central and tropical parts of South America, and grow up to 60 millimetres (2.5 inches) in length. Source: Epoch Times

Project Veritas Reports on the ABC Producer Hired by Pelosi

Project Veritas just reported that former ABC News President James Goldston who is producing the Jan. 6 Hearing taking place today in Congress is the same guy who spiked Amy Robach’s story exposing Jeffrey Epstein and his connections to Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

Axios reported Monday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s partisan select committee — comprised of Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans — had employed former ABC News President James Goldston to produce the prime-time hearing.